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Newtrino nDNA 8 is a range specifically formulated for MPB (Male Pattern Baldness) with key ingredients and DHT blockers designed to work within the male anatomy to reduce the production of the contributing factors to hair loss and thinning hair, and assist in improving communication and nutrient absorption within the follicles and epidermal of the skin.  This range is infused with a decadent Moroccan spice fragrance and formulated for daily use.

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Genetic Hair Loss
Thinning of the temporal, crown and middle path
Male Pattern Baldness is generally the most commonly known type of hair loss, and is clearly identified by its unique pattern of thinning of the temporal, crown and middle path. Essentially we like to simplify this to say; genetic hair loss is only found on the top part of the scalp. We offer a complete solution to Genetic Hair Loss including Professional Aftercare and Home Treatments, In-Salon Laser Therapy, Micro-pigmentation and FUE Transplants.
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Medical Condition
Thinning in patches, lines or bald spots across the scalp
A medical condition that influences your hair is defined as anything that changes the normal well being of a person’s physiology eg. Thyroid abnormalities, auto immune disease, pregnancies, stress, poor diets leading to acidosis, high or low blood pressure, diabetes, blunt trauma to a hair follicle ect. Medically induced thinning appears across the scalp in patches, lines, bald spots or any irregular shape of thinning on the scalp.
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Thinning across the entire scalp
Many commonly prescribed prescription drugs can cause temporary hair loss and potentially trigger the onset of male and female pattern baldness. Depending on the sensitivity of a person’s physiology will depict whether or not a person will be affected by these prescribed prescription drugs. These drugs force your hair into a premature Telogen/Exogen (resting/falling out cycle) resulting in up to 50% of a person’s hair falling out within a short period of time.
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Infused with rich Moroccan spice fragrance and added PCA’s for improved moisture retention
and conditioning properties.  Our range of products are also scientifically formulated to assist
with all scalp disorders and irregularities. Ideal for all hair types.

Advanced Capillary Densifying Twin-pack for Men
500ml Advanced Amino Shampoo
Advanced Capillary Densifying Conditioner for Men
Advanced Capillary Densifying Capsules for Men
Advanced Capillary Densifying Shampoo for Men